About Snowberry Kitchens

My name is Suzanne.  I am semi-retired so finally have more time to devote to things I enjoy. Cooking and writing fall into this category. I love to cook for my family (I am a grandmother too) and friends.

Walking is also a favorite pastime here in my beautiful state of Washington. My camera is being used more often too.

Admiralty Inlet and the Olympic Mountains from Deception Pass.  Washington State.
Admiralty Inlet and the Olympic Mountains from Deception Pass

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My Wonderbag in my kitchen window

I hope to make this website a communal kitchen of sorts; a shared kitchen, a group of kitchens or however one sees this. We can share recipes, kitchen gadgets that we find are indispensable to us, tips on how to make a healthier gravy – that sort of thing.

Many of my recipes are meatless because I try to have more of a plant-based diet. I feel this is healthier for me. The meat I do eat is mainly chicken.

This website is mostly about cooking in a Wonderbag – a non-electric slow cooker. My Wonderbag is a very valued member of my kitchen. Please see my Wonderbag Review to learn more.

There is also more information at

I invite you to take part in this kitchen by sharing some of your kitchen wisdom. Thank you.


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