Italian Pork Loin and Polenta


Italian Pork Loin and Polenta sounds complicated and time consuming, but it was my easy Sunday supper this week.  I’ve been pretty busy this week so really didn’t feel like cooking on a grand scale.  This is an easy Sunday supper – or an easy and good supper for any night of the week..  The Italian pork loin is made by cooking in an pressure cooker/insta pot with a good jar of marina sauce. The Polenta is a roll of store bought.  The pork loin turns out very nice – tender and juicy.

Pork Loin

This is just a 1.5lb pork loin that I bought at the grocery store.  Nothing fancy (BOGO).  In fact, it already had some seasonings on it.

1.  Coat bottom of insta pot with olive oil and turn on saute setting (or heat pressure cooker to a saute heat).

2.  Sear pork loin.

3.  Pour in a jar of your favorite marina sauce.

4.  Cook per your pressure cooker/insta pot instructions (mine says 15 minutes for chicken/meat and I upped the time to 20).

5.  I let my pressure cooker cool down by itself, but you can probably just release the pressure manually and serve.

6.  Let pork loin set a few minutes before cutting.


Cook the Polenta while the pork loin is cooking.  This is a roll of store bought polenta.  Don’t worry about the polent cooling down before the pork loin is served; the hot marina will heat it back up enough to serve.

1.  Cut into 1/2 slices and fry in pan with some olive oil until golden and a little crispy.

2.   Pour some of the marina sauce from the pork loin over it.

Vegetables of Salad

Serve with cooked frozen vegetables or salad.


Serve with veggies or salad.

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