No Sugar Added Low Sodium Hawaiian BBQ Chicken


My diabetic mother came to live with me and I had to take a crash course on diabetic nutrition. So I came up with a recipe for No Sugar Added Low Sodium Hawaiian BBQ Chicken. The trick to not adding any sugar is to use heirloom tomatoes because they are naturally sweeter and incidentally, they are also less acidic. Because I am unable to make a truly low glycemic BBQ sauce, diabetics should eat some kind of fiber (like beans and/or a green salad) with this.. Hope you enjoy this diabetic friendly chicken dish.

No Sugar Added Low Sodium 

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

 with Beans and a Salad


olive oil to cover botton of pot

1 sweet onion, chopped

1 small sweet red pepper, chopped

1TB ginger, minced

1TB garlic, minced

1/8 tsp crushed red pepper (or more to taste)

1.5lb red heirloom tomatoes

2TB tomato paste

1TB black strap mollasses

1/8 C apple cider vinegar

1 sm can crushed pineapple with juice (no sugar added)

Few dashes of your favorite hot sauce

Dash or 2 of cinnamon

liquid smoke (optional)

6 boneless skinless chicken pieces (thighs, breasts, legs)


  1. Begin heating your pot on low with the lid on while preparing your vegetables.
  2. Coat bottom of pot with olive oil and turn up heat to med.
  3. Puree tomatoes, tomato paste, mollasses, vinegar, hot sauce and pineapple (liquid smoke if you like).
  4. Chop onions and sweet red pepper.
  5. Add chopped onions and sweet red pepper and and cook until onions are transparent.
  6. Add ginger, crushed red pepper and garlic. Stir and cook 1 minute.
  7. Add chicken and sprinkle with the cinnamon.
  8. Pour puree over top of chicken.
  9. Cover pot and bring to low boil with lid on.
  10. Reduce heat and simmer with lid on for 20 minutes.
  11. Transfer to Wonderbag.
  12. Cook for 4 hours.

You can either serve as is or:

  1. Remove chicken from pot and put on serving platter.
  2. Puree all ingredients in pot.
  3. Pour some of sauce over chicken and put rest in serving bowl or gravy boat.


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Cooking for my diabetic mother was always a challenge, but she likes this dish.

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8 thoughts on “No Sugar Added Low Sodium Hawaiian BBQ Chicken”

  1. Jesus says:

    Awesome recipe. My mouth was getting watery as I was reading. I’m going to definitely have to try this. I have Crohn’s disease, so with the exception of the red pepper, it sounds like this would be a delicious recipe for me. Ive already gotten to love ginger and garlic as they seem to help my condition, so, I’ll be checking for more of your recipes. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. I’m happy that the recipe sounds good to you. If you send me an email at I will try to come up with some recipes friendly to Crohn’s disease. Let me know what your dietary limitations are to keep it at bay. Best to you.

  2. Jeffrey Teo says:

    I am touched by the fact that you did so much for your mother. Well done, it is a very detailed recipe, looks delicious and most importantly, it is a very healthy dish. Glad that your mother liked it.

    1. My mother did a lot for me. Thank you.

  3. Hey Suzanne,
    How awesome that you are taking care of your mom and creating new recipes just for her! This Hawaiian BBQ chicken sounds really good. I’m going to send this to a friend of mine that is trying to give up sugar. I think she’ll really like it!
    I love your website & I love the name, “Snowberry Kitchens”. How did you come up with that name? I just think it’s so cool!

    1. Thank you. Sometimes I think I should start a diabetic recipe website.
      I chose Snowberry Kitchens because all the other good names were taken. Snowberries are a native plant up here in the Pacific Northwest in Washington State. And the plural kitchens because I hope to have others share their kitchens also.
      Now that the name has been chosen I actually like it more.

  4. Zanne Winant says:

    This turned out so well. Great balance with sweet and tangy.

  5. Zanne Winant says:

    P.S. Thanks for the tip on heirloom tomatoes and sugar.

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