Wonderbag Review

My beloved Wonderbag


Best Place to Buy: Amazon (I say this because my first Wonderbag had to be returned, online return was too easy; had my new replacement Wonderbag in 2 days)

Price: $34.49 USD

My Wonderbag is a valuable member of my kitchen. I absolutely love it!

The Flavors Come Through Better

Flavors perfuse themselves into my recipes much better than when cooking with my old electric slow cooker. Herbs and spices are so much more distinct than before. My dishes really pop with flavor. Before my recipes tasted good, but the flavors all kind of ran together. This was okay until I began cooking with my Wonderbag and realized how much better my dishes could taste.

Saving Trees, Fuels, Water and Lives

I’m saving trees and other fuels, water, and even lives. When I purchased my Wonderbag I was able to also donate a Wonderbag to a family in need.

This is a life-saving addition to a kitchen in another country where someone may have to travel miles to gather firewood in an unsafe environment. They may have to travel miles because the forest has been denuded near the home. Less firewood is needed because lunch and dinner do not have to be kept over an open fire all day. Having an open fire in a kitchen all day is not safe; all that smoke can lead to chronic and sometimes fatal illness.

See About Snowberry Kitchens page to find out where to learn more.

No Worries, Cooking in the Car, Keeps Foods Cold Too

If you are worried about leaving a slow cooker plugged in for hours when you are gone, this is certainly not a problem when using a Wonderbag. You only have to get the food and the pot hot, then put in your non-electric Wonderbag.  The Wonderbag will also keep food hot or cold because it is so well insulated.

 The only drawback I see is that if you are travelling you must secure the lid very well to prevent spilling.  I can make mine travel worthy by recycling a large plastic potting soil bag and using it to line my Wonderbag, then securing the well-fitting heavy lid.  As much as I love my Wonderbag I did find another non electric slow cooker (do not own this and never used it).  It is pricier than my Wonderbag, but may be a better option for you if travelling.


According to the directions enclosed with your new Wonderbag it should only be spot cleaned.  However, according to a YouTube video and the founder of the Wonderbag company, it can be machine washed (I would suggest the gentle cycle).  Further, someone at the company told me it could be put in a tumble dryer on low.  So, apparently cleanup is really not such a big deal.  I see no reason why it could not be gently machine washed and dried, though I have not had to clean mine.

The Packaging Problem

They come vacuum packed and the first one I bought apparently had a bit too much air sucked out of it and would not puff up properly. I did exactly as the directions said – shook it out and laid it flat for an hour. That turned into more shaking out and it was laid out overnight. No, it did not puff up. 

Luckily I had bought my Wonderbag through Amazon and was able to return and replace within just a few days.  In fact, I had my new Wonderbag before Amazon received the one I was returning.  This was the easiest product return I had ever done.  Started a return online, my old one was picked up the next day, then the following day my new Wonderbag was delivered to my front door.  EASY!

The Pot

The biggest difference that I have found between cooking with a Wonderbag vs an electric slow cooker is that you must use a heavy pot with a well fitting lid. I use a 5.5 qt enamel-coated cast iron pot with a heavy and well-fitting lid (perfect). A heavy aluminum pot would also be a good choice.  You really MUST use a pot that will retain heat well.  I have the smaller Wonderbag which is just fine for my pot.

Getting the Pot Hot Enough to Retain Heat

You may want to begin heating your pot and lid before you even start cooking. I heat my lidded pot on low as I am cutting up vegetables. Then I turn up the heat and add the oil, onions, etc. The reason for this is that I  must get my pot and the food inside it hot before putting in the Wonderbag. My pot will hold heat very well, but is slower to heat up than an aluminum pot.  In fact after 4 hours of cooking in the Wonderbag, I must use pot holders to transfer my pot out of the Wonderbag.


If you like cooking in an electric slow cooker and want to get more flavorful dishes, help the earth, other people – any or all of those reasons and more, then go ahead and buy that Wonderbag in the pattern and color of your choice.

And my cat loves it too

The Wonderbag does take up a bit of real estate in my small kitchen, so I sometimes put mine in a low-traffic area on the floor in another area of the house. Recently, after transferring the pot into the kitchen, I did not pick up the Wonderbag before my cat decided it was the very best place for him to take a nice warm cozy nap. So occasionally, if I’m not quick enough, it doubles as a pet bed.

Feel free to shoot me a question in the comment section.

Happy cooking with your new Wonderbag.

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9 thoughts on “Wonderbag Review”

  1. suzanne says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    Wow, this is really interesting. I’d never heard of this before. But what a great way to cook and use less electricity or gas.
    I’m thinking I would love this for camping as well. Heat the pot over the fire, and then use the wonderbag.
    Thanks again,

    1. I think it probably would work well for camping. Let me know how that turns out.

  2. Nancy Dowd says:

    I would like to purchase both a Wonderbags and the cast iron pot you mentioned, but where do you get or order the cast iron pot?

    1. I got it at through Amazon. There is a link in my Wonderbag Review page. That is such a wonderful pot. It is so cherished that the rest of my family knows not to touch it.

    2. Amazon. And there are links on my website. There is a specific pot that I use that is perfect for a Wonderbag; there is a link to that pot.

  3. Nancy Dowd says:

    I got my Wonderbag today through Amazon. Each section I can feel a rolled ball in the pockets of the Wonderbag, am I too unravel these?

    1. Shake it out, then lay flat.
      You can also knead it a bit with your fingers.
      Another thing is tumbling it in a dryer for about 10 minutes with 1 or 2 tennis balls (from the official Wonderbag people).
      If it still does not puff up within 24 hours start a return. Amazon will replace the bag and this will be easy and quick. I had a problem with my first one not puffing up properly and had a replacement before Amazon got the first one back.
      My first one had too much air vacuumed out and refused to puff up again. The second one was not so tightly vacuum packed.
      Hope your Wonderbag is puffed up by now.
      I am going to email my Wonderbag connection about this. The packaging is apparently a problem and they should not be so tightly vacuum packed.
      Please let me know how all this works out for you.

  4. Nancy Dowd says:

    Mine did not puff or fluff, the balls are still the same. Did you call Amazon or do online?

    1. Either. I think I chatted. If you go into your orders there is a place for “start a return” chat. That may be what I did. All I had to do was put my Wonderbag back in the box and tape it shut. The either FedEx or UPS came to pick it up the next day. The day after that my replacement Wonderbag was delivered.
      BTW: I just finished emailing Kelli at Wonderbag about the packaging problem.
      Let me know how this works out. Amazon was so good and quick about my return and replacement so hope you have the same luck.

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